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2019 - 2020


**ALL Practices will be at Redeemer Lutheran** 

Jan 21    Tues      6p-7:3p      (Faith boys attend your school practice!!)          

Jan 23    Thurs    6p-7:30p      (Faith boys attend your school game!!)        

Feb 2     Sun        1p-2:30p             

Feb 6     Thurs     6p-7:30p    (Faith boys attend your school pratice!!)          

Feb 9     Sun        1p-2:30p             

Feb 13   Thurs     6p-7:30p             

Feb 18   Tue        5:30p-7p             

Feb 20   Thurs     6p-7:30p

Feb 22   TOURNY                               OZAUKEE SHOOT OUT  (11 players)

*Games MAY be between 1pm-8pm  

 Bryce, Wyatt, Elijah Z., Evan, Ethan, Aidan, Cooper, Joshua, Brandon, Jermaine, Noah      

Feb 25   Tue        4:30p-6p

Feb 28   Fri          4:30p-6p 

Feb 29   TOURNY                               FOND DU LAC HIGH SCHOOL  - “B” LEVEL  (9 players each)

 “White” -  Isaac, Eli M., Logan, Ethan, Joseph, Cooper, Joshua, Jermaine, Noah

“Blue” – Bryce, Wyatt, Elijah Z., Evan, Aidan, Austin, Orville, Brandon     

Mar 3    Tue        4:30p-6p              

Mar 5    Thurs     4:30p-6p

Mar 7    TOURNY                               WAYLAND ACADEMY – BEAVER DAM  (8 players each)

*We will enter two even teams into the tournament

“White” – Isaac, Logan, Evan, Aidan, Austin, Orville, Brandon, Joshua, Wyatt

“Blue” – Bryce, Eli M., Elijah Z., Ethan, Joseph, Cooper, Jermaine, Noah

Mar 8    Sun        1p-2:30p            

Mar 10  Tue        4:30p-6p             

Mar 12  Thurs     4:30p-6p

Mar 14  TOURNY                               MENASHA – “THE BARN” – RSK SPORTS – “B” Level  (8 players each)

*We will enter two even teams into the tournament

“White” - Isaac, Logan, Elijah Z., Evan, Joseph, Joshua, Jermaine, Noah, Bryce

“Blue” – Wyatt, Eli M., Ethan, Aidan, Austin, Orville, Brandon, Cooper 

Mar 15  Sun        1p-2:30p             

Mar 17  Tues      4:30p-6p      01/15/20 CANCELLED --It will be rescheduled sometime this same 03/15 week at a different gym.  Nate 

    **Mar 19  Thurs  4:00pm-5:30pm @ St Peters

Mar 21  TOURNY                               CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY – MEQUON   (10 players)

Isaac, Bryce, Wyatt, Eli M., Logan, Austin, Joseph, Cooper, Orville, Joshua

March 29  Sunday   3PM  Season Wrap Up Party - @ The Brick House (upstairs)




**If for some reason either team participating in the Fondy or Wayland tournaments drops below 8 players, I will contact one of the other two players not participating that weekend to come fill in (by position)  


**In the Ozaukee and Concordia tournaments, if needed, we reserve the right to add a similarly skilled player not scheduled to play, if we need to replace a player who becomes unavailable.