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Team Formation
Jr Vikes has shifted its philosophy to be more player development orientated. In so doing our goal is to find a team for every player that wants to play. This commitment takes coaches, gym time and money. Our approach is to add teams based on the amount of player interest and coaching availability.
Please encourage your child and consider coaching.
2017-18 Team Formation Dates Now Set
Jr Vikes Teams Formation Day
Teams Formation Day is simply a "sign-up" day to play Jr Vikes Basketball. Our goal is to get an accurate count of how many kids are interested in playing and getting them on a team.
Dates and Times

Saturday, Oct 28th at WLA

3rd / 4th Boys: 9 - 10am

5th / 6th Boys: 10 - 11am
7th / 8th Boys: 11 - 12pm

3rd / 4th Girls: 12 - 1pm
5th / 6th Girls: 1 - 2pm
7th / 8th Girls: 2 - 3pm

Missed Team Formation Day?

The Jr Vikes program has been working hard to communicate to all of our WLA Federation Schools. Sometimes our communication do not make it to a potential player’s home or you just moved in.

We may be able to help!

Click on the button below to fill out your information and we will contact you.
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