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Team formation dates are set. Check out this link

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20 Year Anniversary Jr Vikes

Jr Vikes is celebrating its 20th year of providing basketball to our youth. What started off as a way to join our youth together before attending Winnebago Lutheran Academy has turned into a very successful youth program. We are grateful to God for all the wonderful blessing that he has provided because of this program.

20 years

Girls Jr Vikes Night At WLA

The JR Vikes Girls Basketball Teams and Coaching getting ready to be recognized at the WLA varsity game on Tuesday Night


The WLA varsity Girls signing autographs for the JR Vikes and Little Vikes players


Boys Jr Vikes Night at WLA

Fun at Jr Vikes Night at WLA. Players and Coaches getting recognized for all their hard work.


Pastor Boggs meeting with some of the player to receive their coupon for the concession stand at Jr Vikes Night at WLA.


Team Formation (tryouts)

Team formation dates are set. This year we are trying a one date for each program to make communication easier.

Boys Formation will be Dec. 7th, 2015
Girls Team Formation will be Dec. 14, 2015

2015 Family Huddle Night

This years 2015 Family Huddle Night , will join parents and players of Jr Vikes Girls and Boys. The event will be held in the WLA Chapel starting at 6:30 pm.

2015 Jr Vikes Night

WLA Jr Vikes Basketball Players will be recognized this year at a fun night of Varsity Basketball at Winnebago Lutheran Academy. The dates are set come join the fun.
Boys January 19, 2015, Monday
Girls January 20, 2015, Tuesday

Girls and Boys Jr Vikes Unite

The Jr Vikes Girls and Boys programs are now under one roof. John Calkins will be the program direct. Several new positions are being created to support the program including a new Director of Coaching. Shawn Herkstroeter has accepted this position and will be helping coaches be even more effective. The new program will really focus on developing young players and giving all who want to play an opportunity.

WLA Jr Vikes Night

We are proud to announce our 1st annual Jr Vikes Night at the WLA Boys Varsity game on February 17th at half time. Proudly wear your Jr Vikes jersey and your family gets in free. We have more exciting news check out this page to learn more.

2014 Family Night

This years Family Huddle Night will be held at Faith FDL on January 19 - starts at 6:30. This mandatory meeting is an opportunity for all Jr. Vikes Teams and parent(s) to get together and share what is ahead for the program. In addition, we will discuss how the program is benefiting your son(s) as well as WLA.
The club will also be collecting fees and passing out fundraising opportunities. You will also have a chance to ask any questions about the program.